Workshops – Style Secrets, Outfit Creation, Wardrobe Critique

Workshops – Style Secrets, Outfit Creation, Wardrobe Critique

The following workshops or presentations are offered on a regular basis–they are also available for your organization to sponsor or as a private workshop for a “girls night out,” a birthday party, or a fun friend get together. If you don’t see a workshop topic that fits what you are looking for, Carrie can always create a workshop for you.

Style Secrets

This workshop includes tips on color, style, body-shape, fit, and creating outfits. There is also a little time at the end of the workshop for wardrobe item critique. Bring one or two items you have questions or concerns about and find out if it should stay or go! Minimum 8 – Maximum 20

Outfit Creation

This is a fun, interactive workshop that women LOVE. Learn the basic steps of creating dynamic and interesting outfits with Carrie’s five step process. This workshop is very hands-on and participants practice building fabulous outfits. Participants are asked to bring some items from their own closets. Minimum 6 – Maximum 10

Wardrobe Critique

This is a great girls night out party! All we do in this workshop is talk about items that participants bring to the workshop for review. We discuss why things work and why things don’t work. This is very popular as everyone loves advice about those items in their closet they are not sure about. No Minimum – Maximum 20

Building Clothing Capsules

Imagine what your closet would look and feel like if things mixed and matched with each other. By learning to create clothing capsules in your wardrobe you will never again have that one lonely item that stands alone. This workshop teaches you how to build capsules in your closet and how to add new seasonal items so that your wardrobe stays fun and current but mixes with other things you already own. Minimum 5 – Maximum 20

Seasonal Trends

This workshop is offered at the beginning of each season. We look at pictures and items of what is currently in the stores. This workshop gives women the option of asking about trends that may or may not work for them. No Minimum – Maximum 20

Frost Yourself with Accessories

You would not take a cake to a party without frosting–so don’t let yourself go without frosting either! Accessories can make or break an outfit. This workshop teaches everything you could ever want to know about working with accessories. Minimum 5 – Maximum 10

Travel Tips

Pack like a pro! Learn how to pack for your trips in one bag, 50 lbs or less. This includes learning how to build outfits using clothing or accessory items multiple times (capsules). Never feel stressed again about packing for your trips. No Minimum – Maximum 20