Services offered – Personal Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Brand Expert

Services offered – Personal Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Brand Expert

Your image is key in helping you reach your professional and personal goals. With Such Savvy Style’s help, you can create amazing image that looks and feels like you — have fun doing it.

Such Savvy Style’s Certified Image Consultant and Stylist Carrie LaShell teaches you how to make a striking first impression by helping you to develop your personal brand and choose the best colors and styles to wear. Carrie’s mission is to help you refine and polish your image to express your best self, so that you can feel confident in every situation. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a makeover — like TV’s”What Not to Wear” — with a warm and trusted consultant, contact Carrie and find out what transformations might be in store for you.

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or just in need of a fresher, more flattering look, Such Savvy Style offers packages that can make a difference. Carrie will improve your image and help you learn how to make a great first impression. She’ll help you find your ideal look – and have fun in the process. She can even save you money, finding the right way to work with what you have.  Contact Carrie to find out what package would be best for you.

Your Style, Your Brand

Do you feel confused about your style? Do you feel like you don’t even have a style? Your personal style is really your own personal brand. Carrie will take you through a process that will help you discover your personal brand so you can show up to the world as you want to be seen in both your personal and professional life.

Body Style Analysis

Not sure whether that dress will be flattering on your body? An in-depth Style Guide will match styles with your body and face shape, so you never have to wonder. This Style Guide will be custom made for you, with your own measurements. You will receive a printed guide with pictures of clothes and styles that will look best on you, and other styles that you should not wear. Carrie will not only provide you with this Style Guide, but she will spend time with you explaining it so you will understand what styles are great for your body and what you should avoid.

Color Analysis

Do you sometimes wonder if the colors you wear look good on you? Have your colors done, and know what suits you – and what doesn’t. After you receive your color analysis, you will also receive a color fan, which can be easily taken with you on all your shopping trips.

Closet Clean Out & Organization

Do you walk in your closet and feel totally overwhelmed? Are your clothes disorganized? Do you feel drab but want to feel fab? If this is you, let Carrie come to your closet, help you weed out clothes that need to be retired, and organize your clothes in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

Outfit Creation and Wardrobe Evaluation

Do you have a lot of clothes in your closet but feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you often wonder if what you are wearing is stylish and looks good on your body? Carrie loves to come to your closet and put together outfits, leaving you with a photo book of all the outfits created. You will be amazed at how many outfits can be made from clothes you already own. Women love this service, as there is nothing more fun than shopping for new outfits in your own closet.

Personal Shopping

Do you dread shopping? When you go into a dressing room, do you get a little anxious? Carrie will help you learn how to shop on your budget and purchase a wardrobe – including accessories – that will create the look you want. We will create a shopping list from the items that are missing from your closet and create outfits that will amaze you from a combination of new and old. Not only will shopping with Carrie be fun – it’ll be eye-opening, as you learn to think differently about clothing and fall in love with outfits you’d never have picked for yourself.
Virtual and VIP services
If you live outside the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas, Carrie offers many virtual and VIP service that can help with your image needs.

Virtual Outfit Creation

If you stand in front of your closet and think, “I have a closet full of clothes but feel like I have nothing to wear”, this may be the service just for you. Carrie will provide you with a private link that will enable you to upload photos of your clothing pieces to your own personal online closet. Once the photos are uploaded she will create outfits for you using these pieces with possible suggestions for additional shopping list items. You will have your own personal login where you can see your outfits and notes. The more photos of your clothing you upload the more interesting outfits can be created. This is a monthly reoccurring service that can be cancelled at any time.

Video Consultation

Carrie will meet with you via Skype or FaceTime. You can have a date with Carrie in your closet where she will answer your questions just as if you were together. You can ask all your questions and even try on clothing in this one-on-one appointment.

Online Shopping

After a phone conversation or video consultation with Carrie she will shop for you and send you an online shopping list with links and pictures to every item on your list. It’s all in one place with easy one click shopping. You will have a private login so you can have instant access to your list and pictures at any time.


Carrie will either fly to your city or you may fly to Walnut Creek (a destination shopping area) to have a personal day or two with Carrie. In this time you will experience a full image transformation and all your image needs will be met.
Services offered - Personal Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Brand Expert

Services offered – Personal Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Brand Expert