Your Style Reveal & Accessory Tips!

Posted on 17th January 2021
Your Style Story Reveal:
Discovering Your Style While Listening To Your Heart!
In this 5-week live virtual class you will discover YOUR Style Story that matches the 2021 version of you–one that may look very different than those in years past! By taking a look at your inner self you will create a Style Story that is uniquely yours. Join me, Carrie LaShell, Certified Image and Style expert as I guide you every step of the way. Give yourself a gift this year and learn how to express your inside on the outside and see what YOU is revealed! When you register you will be entered to win a FREE Massage or a personalized aromatherapy basket from Pleasant Hill Sanctuary. For every friend you refer that signs up you get an additional raffle ticket plus your friend gets a ticket too!!
Your Style Story Reveal:
Discover Your Style While Listening To Your Heart!
5 Week Live Virtual Class
Wednesday’s January 27th – February 24th
Classes are at 4 p.m. PDT/ 7:00 p.m. EDT
Each class runs 60-90 minutes
All classes will be recorded
Early Bird Price: $199 until January 20th
After January 20th: $239
Be an Accessories Pro with These Tips
Most of us are still working from home and over Zoom so it’s very easy to slip into the rut of showing up for your meetings looking a little disheveled or to simply turn off your camera. Because I believe that feeling good helps raise your confidence level I wanted to give a few tips about simple ways to use accessories so you can show up on your Zoom meetings confidently. 

Accessories have the potential to bring so much oomph to your outfit or your top half when on Zoom. Great accessories help you accentuate your style and bring you confidence. These tips will help you be an accessory wiz in no time!
1. Use your accessories to punctuate your style. For example, look at the finishes on jewelry pieces. A textured matte finish is more natural looking. A smooth shiny finish is more sophisticated or traditional. If your style is more creative, you may want to wear shiny and matte finishes together.

2. Use color in small or large doses. One bold-colored bangle mixed with two black or two white ones adds a hint of drama to an outfit. An arm filled with brightly colored bangles is very dramatic.

3. When you buy a new outfit think about what kind of accessories you’ll need to “finish” the outfit. If possible, don’t leave your shopping cart or the store without figuring out what accessories you need. When you neglect that step, you may end up weeks later with those new clothes in your closet and price tags still hanging on them.

4. Accessories are a way to spice up solids. Necklaces are great accents over solid-colored T-shirts, sweaters, or tops. Layer multiple necklaces for more style emphasis or mix a necklace with a fun scarf.

5. If you mix patterns and prints in the same outfit, you may choose to wear fewer pieces of jewelry. Your clothing may be bringing all the interest you need. In that case, focus on your earrings, rings, or chains to add minimal layering to what’s already going on.

6. Boho earrings look great with boho dresses. Traditional jewelry looks great with traditionally cut tops and pants. Unless you’re very artistic or like to mix multiple styles to create a visual masterpiece, let your clothing style help you decide the style of accessories you’ll wear with them.

7. Department stores may not offer the selection you need in order to own accessories that resonate with you. Try other sources such as off-price stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Consider shopping consignment stores or estate sales. Walk the aisles of a gem show or an art show. If you find something you love, think through how many outfits you could wear it with. If you’re up to five outfits, you’ll be purchasing something that you will get a lot of value out of. If it can only be worn with one thing you own, it may not be the right investment unless you LOVE it.

8. Like clothing, accessories need to be reviewed. Sort through your collection and re-home, consign, or donate the pieces that really don’t inspire you anymore.

9. Accessories can be altered or redesigned. If you have a necklace that’s too long, have it shortened. If a necklace is too short, add an extender. If the closure is too hard to manage, take your necklace to a jeweler and see if they can change it to a magnetic closure. Necklaces that have too many things hanging from it could be made to look more current by removing parts of it. Don’t be afraid to make changes yourself or take them to someone who can. You could get much more life out of something you already own but aren’t wearing.

Is it time for you to address your accessories? Don’t forget I’m here to help! Whether it’s helping you go through what you already have or shopping for accessories to finish outfits you own, I can help. Just give me a call!
Walnut Creek, CA

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